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Reception Desks

A reception desk, like the reception room, is the face of your organization. Usually, it’s the first place people have their first interaction with your business at, the first place your employees are greeted everyday – needless to say, it’s very important you buy a high quality reception desk that is worthy of representing you and your company

A good reception desk correctly conveys the image and culture of your work place and provides an outlook of professionalism, honesty and success

At Vision Office Interiors, you will find reception desks that suit your business – be it in the tech industry, entertainment, law or medicine, you can trust us with helping you choose the right new or used reception desk and related reception furniture

When it comes to reception desks, engaging and inviting color combinations make for good partners with contemporary design. Use light colors to brighten up the office space. For a quasi-modern look, go for bright, bold colors

Browse through our collection, and if you require any assistance, feel free to contact us or visit and interact with our staff on-site. We would love to help you clear any doubts or concerns you might have regarding reception furniture and find you the perfect reception desk