Guide to Choose Office Furniture: What To Consider When Choosing

Tried, exhausted, eyes gritty from no sleep. After several days of looking at office spaces and browsing the net for the ideal office that suits your needs and budget, you found the perfect one. You are all ready to hit the sack and sleep and then suddenly you remember, you still have to buy furniture to go with the new office.


The following article by author Joanah Gamboa posted on founders guide about guidelines on how to choose office furniture.

6 factors you need to consider when buying furniture for your workspace

“Choosing the right furniture is as important as choosing the right type of office. It not only contributes to well-being, it also affects office productivity and entices prospective employees. Therefore, before marching to the nearest furniture shop, here are 6 things you must consider.”

1. Cost

“Financing startups is not easy. Every penny spent is an investment. You have to show to your investors that you’re wisely spending the money entrusted to you. Thus, before buying any furniture, consider the cost. How much money will you spend on a particular desk or chair? How many will you buy? Determining your budget beforehand will help you narrow down your choices without compromising quality.”

2. Needs

“Employees will be sitting and working most of the day, so providing them a comfortable chair and desk is a must. Nowadays, ergonomic chairs and desks become a trend for they make working easier, as supported by health studies. With the plethora of these products in the market, you can buy one at an affordable price. See full post here

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Build Your Own Custom Ergonomic Chair

We spend a significant portion of our life in our office sitting on chairs. This sedentary lifestyle can sometimes take a toll on your health. The unfriendly workspace can cause a risk for various serious health concern including back pain, survical problem and much more. Need Proof?


According to a cross-sectional study published in NCBI “ Low back pain (LBP) is common among office workers and is the most common cause of work-related disability in people under 45 years of age.”

So, it is important to revamp your office furniture to make your workspace more pleasant and comfortable. The friendly workspace can not only keep us healthy but it also boosts our productivity. Always considered the environment-friendly quality of office furniture while redesigning or choosing the furniture for the office. So, to optimize your workspace, you can also add ergonomic chairs to your office furniture requirement list.

It is being considered that ergonomic chairs are very expensive, but nowadays buying your own custom ergonomic chairs without plop down a lot of money is no more a big deal. Vision Office Interiors help us to acquire the world’s finest quality office furniture.

Exevutive Chair Back Support

Several features are included in ergonomic chairs that ensure complete comfort and health benefit to the users. So, in today’s blog, we’ll break down few important considerations to keep in mind while buying a custom ergonomic chair.

Lumbar Support

The lower back area is naturally curved inwards, so, the back of the custom ergonomic chair are designed in a such a way that it come forward to support your lower back. Proper Lumbar back support keeps your ears, shoulders, and hips in alignment and maintained the lower spine. So, always prefer office chairs that have strong lumbar support.

Arm Rest

While buying an office chair, one should also think about arm rest in order to conduct office work in the more comfortable position. The chair with an arm rest will relax your arms and shoulder which in turn did not cause any back related problem and prevent strains between neck and shoulder as well.

Comfortable Cushion

While building or purchasing customized ergonomic chairs for office, make sure that chair should be a comfortable place to sit. Always go for comfortable cushion seat, so that one can work seamlessly for long hours. According to office designer experts “Breathable Fabric” is also the best option to go for.

Exevutive Chair

Adjustable Seat Height

Always look for those ergonomic chairs that can be easily adjusted. The adjustable chair can allow you to adjust your chair’s backrest not only in up and down but its angles as well. This feature of an ergonomic chair will maintain body posture and keep you away from all back-related health issues.

Ability To Roll Around

While purchasing chairs for your office, always look for those chairs that have the ability to roll or tilt around freely. This will allow free movement of the chair and will help you reach your desk without turning or twisting and putting a strain on your body.

There are various considerations, but here we have mentioned few elemental considerations that you need to keep in your mind while buying new or used ergonomic chairs. These aforementioned points will help you to create a comfortable, healthy and a productive workplace.

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Modern Office Furniture for A Classy Yet Professional Reflection

Space crunch is one of the biggest problem everywhere and so, to make better use of the space, modern office furniture is the one stop solution. People can easily set up such furniture for their offices. It is not the boring single colored pieces a person is thinking off or rather anyone of us are talking about.

Today, modern office furniture creators are all about chick, fashionable and stylish with multi-colored hues, that make the office fun. It is all about decorating or customizing the office the way a person wants.  There is so much to choose from like the latest office cubicles, office partitions, workstations, panel systems, modular walls, to name a few.


Corporate Office Interior Design

Apart from all the pieces of modern office furniture, conference tables play a significant role as its showcases the image of the organization. There are a couple of pointers that have to be taken into consideration before choosing a specific kind of furniture.

Size and Space

Look for space where the conference table can be kept. Find a table that fits in properly in the conference room without showcasing a cluttered picture and with enough room for people to move around comfortably. Guest chairs are needed apart from the chairs with tables. Make sure the table is not too big that it can’t accommodate extra chairs or block people’s movement. Consider the width of the chair, the space between each chair and the portion under table of a chair once it is occupied.

Conference Tables Vision Office Interiors FL


The style of the conference table presents an image of the company. The material of the surface includes metal. It can be laminated to solid wood or glass.  Look for one that it is well within your budget without hampering the quality.

 Seating Arrangement

Look for comfortable designed chairs. You can select from executive or guest style.

Office Furniture

Director Desk

The director desk is one of the most essential piece of office furniture. You can select from a range of materials like wood, metal or glass top, or any other material that will complement the other accessories of the office along with the proper coordination.  It can either be used a desk at the reception area or have the computers put on it as per the need.  With superior finish and chic style, you can choose from the latest designs, patterns and optimum utility.

Office Workstation Manufacturer

An individual’s creative and ethnic choices can change the look of an office and can make it an attractive and fun place for the staff. As a last resort, a person can ask an interior designer for help.

Modern office furniture can change the look of the office, but remember to buy such pieces that will give a person enough space to move around easily. The office shouldn’t look messy or untidy. Office presentation is everything and so, it is highly important to make it look presentable.

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Livening Up the Workspace: Modern Office Design

The modern office furniture is constantly changing and shifting to enable better workflows. It acts as the face of a business and sets the tone for both employees and customers. It is important that we take enough time to plan the layout and how it integrates with our goals, the experience we offer and the core values of our brand.

Create An Open Office Environment

In recent years, we have come to realize how effective open office designs can be. But it is equally important to find the right balance of privacy and exposure while implementing an open office design. While some tasks require brainstorming and intense collaboration, some are done best on your own. Good office design should implement availability of spaces that enable interaction as well as spaces that maintain privacy and closure.


Promote Interaction and Collaboration In Open Spaces

You want to make it easier for employees to communicate ideas and strategies effectively. Emails and PMs, however effortless, do not always convey conviction properly. Face-to-face interaction is an imperative for getting quality work done. Use furniture to ensure a seamless flow of interaction between employees.

Use Color and Graphic Design To Invoke Pleasant Experiences

Color has always been associated with productivity. How well an office is decorated can have a huge impact on staff engagement and experience. Good design informs, engages and uplifts an employee. Pleasant experiences add up to employee satisfaction and high productivity.


Grow Office Plants

A simple and cost-effective way to improve office aesthetics is to grow office plants. Plants are known to relax people, reduce stress, increase happiness, promote mindfulness and improve air quality. Keeping in touch with nature is one of man’s most innate desires. You’ll be surprised how effective bringing in the outside world can be for office productivity and employee happiness.

Design That Lets People Thrive

At the end of the day, the design is but a means to enable people. A design that restricts actions or ideas in any way has no place in today’s competitive world. Balancing openness with areas of ample privacy should ensure that people have all options available to them, tasking effectively in suitable sub-environments.

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Tips for Choosing Contemporary Office Furniture

Contemporary Office Furniture

Selecting perfect Contemporary office furniture is not something that one should take lightly because this furniture demands a lot of thinking time along with heavy expenditure of your hard earned money. To make sure that you make a wise investment in the most important furniture, we are enlisting a list of few pros of contemporary furniture that will help you get the best value for your money.

Executive Office Chair
Executive Office Chair

Types of Contemporary Office Furniture

Ergonomic Furniture: This type of furniture is designed in such a way that it keeps your body comfortable and safe in a way that it keeps body free from kind of stress or strain caused by long sitting hours. Contemporary ergonomic furniture promises a substantial decrease in the risk of ailments caused to the lower back, neck and shoulder blade. This type of furniture is bliss for people who work long hours sitting on a desk.

Antique look alike: Another type of contemporary furniture is the one that is a look alike of antique furniture. This type of furniture is for those who love antiques that are pocket friendly. This style of furniture adds a historical feel to one’s office without digging a hole in the pocket.

Space savers: This type of contemporary furniture is meant for a minimalistic appeal for smaller office space. It utilizes every inch of free space in such a way that it tends to add volume rather than look congested in a small office space.

Which Furniture to choose?

Definitely, after learning about all the types of contemporary furniture, it becomes difficult for one to choose one over the other. So, here are a few more words of wisdom to help you choose the furniture that is perfect for your office space.

Office Furniture FL
Office Furniture FL

Easy On Pocket: Contemporary ergonomic furniture is easy on pocket as it is economical when compared with antique furniture.

Great on looks: Ergonomic furniture

Comparing and Choosing Furniture

Before making a purchase you should definitely check out the various styles, materials and price range of modern office furniture. You should get information and pictures of everything that is available and make comparisons. This will allow you to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want.

When comparing furniture, you want to make sure to think about how the furniture will be used the most. Consider features that you feel you can’t live without, such as filing drawers in the desk, or arm rests on the chair. You should also consider how comfortable it will be to use, and how it will look in your office.

Finally, consider what kind of statement you will be making if you choose a particular type or style of furniture. If you want to make a sophisticated statement, antique reproductions may be for you. If you want to appear professional, a nice heavy wood such as oak or cherry is in order, polished to a shine of course.

Of course, another important factor when comparing and choosing modern office furniture is the price. Different styles and types of furniture will carry different prices. Make sure that the furniture you want and are looking at fits within your budget.

You can easily find pictures and compare materials and prices for modern office furniture online. You should be able to find many websites of local furniture companies that will allow you to look at and compare different furniture. It is important to have this information handy when you are considering what furniture to buy. You can then refer back to these sites to check prices once you have made your decision.

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Useful Tips for a More Organized Office

Office is the second home of your employees. On a typical working day, your staffs spend most of the time within the walls of your organization. This calls for more organized and well-paced office that will enable them to focus on work and be more productive, each day.

Here are some Tips for a More Organized Office, through which you can make your company, a better place to spend the day.

  • Develop Work Zones- Its obvious to have separate teams who looks into certain domains of your business. But, does each of your team have their specific work zones or workstations? Does a team sit together as a team or in a mixed group? If its the latter, its high time to demarcate specific areas where teams can have their own space and be more productive, with their work.

File Cabinet

  • Automize Systems- Gone are the days of register attendances and manual payroll systems. We live in the digital era, so before your employees start complaining of your outdated procedures, bring a change. From entry and exit time to calculating payrolls, integrate systems and make it easy for the management and the employees.
  • Organize Your Drawers- Most organizations don’t. Rather, they don’t pay much important. An organized mind only works when things in the immediate surroundings are well in place. Maintain a specific drawer for all stationery goods. Keep them in one place. Thus, when anyone needs a paper or stapler, its there.

File Cabinet


  • File Papers Weekly- Another useful Tip for a More Organized Office is to file papers on weekly basis. We all have been through the habit of sorting and filling them during quarter ending period. From now, work hard from the beginning and avoid the last-minute hassles.
  • Sort Your Files- Group your files according to your alphabets, just like dictionary. Thus, when your employees want a file, they can immediately go into the B or G section and get their requisites, without eye-screening the entire lot.

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We are children of evolution and with our ever-changing technology, the way we work must keep changing as well. Modern workplaces need to incorporate seamless change – the ability to evolve with our workstyles and integrate our priorities.

Adaptable workplace environments open up more possibilities for innovative working styles, efficient tasks and wellness. The well-being of employees is now central to office design, with more and more designers and architects embracing the concept.

guest chairs

Brigitte Preston writes for Work Design Magazine to shed light on the essential office design trends you can expect to see in 2017.

Authenticity-centered design

First and foremost, I see a surge in demand for authentic design solutions that signal an organization’s commitment to its core values. As interior architects, our job is to create a physical environment that tells the story of an organization in a way that resonates with not only its leadership and employees, but also their clients. So how do we accomplish this? There’s no standard solution, but listening to your client is key and knowledge is definitely the most powerful tool. We must not only gain a clear understanding of the organization’s history, mission, and objectives, but also figure out what’s most important to the client. While this takes time and requires the client to dig deep, it guides us toward authentic solutions that best exemplify the heart of their organization.

Authenticity-centered design may take root through a design vocabulary, expressive and creative visual branding, or specific materials, to name a few. Here are two companies that have used authentic design as a tool for a successful work environment:


When Bazaarvoice called on us to design their new Austin headquarters, we used branded color and faceted architectural features combined with a bold planning concept to create a vibrant space that embodied the company’s energy and culture. We selected unique patterned carpet, wallcoverings, and light fixtures representative of each department and the cafe for each of the 14 collaboration areas. The cafe and breakroom reveal faceted pods in Bazaarvoice brand colors — grass, navy, sky, and teal. Through thoughtful planning, lauckgroup was able to create a workspace that embodied Bazaarvoice’s brand and mission — leading to heightened employee engagement, client retention, and innovation.


To empower disadvantaged women in Dallas, where we have the third highest poverty rate overall among major U.S. cities, WiNGS (Women in Need of Generous Support) offers financial, educational, and entrepreneurial guidance. When space constraints began to inhibit the nonprofit from fulfilling its mission, WiNGS declared its plans to move, and lauckgroup offered at cost materials sourcing and pro bono programming and design services. For us, creating a space that felt familiar and comfortable was a key deliverable, as the staff wanted clients to feel safe and heard. Placing a fireplace in the resource center, creating coaching rooms that evoked the feeling of a sitting room, and designing a treehouse-inspired childcare area all accomplished this. Our thoughtful approach resulted in a space that reflected the nonprofit’s mission to help women realize their limitless potential.

Appealing to millennials

As we enter 2017, millennials will continue to influence the direction of office design. First of all, this generation wants a career that offers a sense of purpose and contributes to the greater good. Given this reality, workplace designers should consider how the workspace can embody these goals and how they can visually be represented in the space. And similarly to the importance of authenticity-centered design, a company’s commitment to their community and their contributions to society can be incorporated into branding.

“This generation wants a career that offers a sense of purpose and contributes to the greater good. Given this reality, workplace designers should consider how the workspace can embody these goals and how they can visually be represented in the space.

“Many of our clients are focused on millennial-friendly design, such as Atlassian, who challenged our design team to create a raw and loft-like feel in the first generation building. A monumental stair is set at the office’s center, serving as a hub of energy for the space. Beyond its functionality and defining architecture, it encourages clients and employees to socialize and congregate on a tiered platform auditorium with bar-height seating. Ancillary spaces, including two large break rooms overlooking Lady Bird Lake, an upscale hospitality bar that serves beer and coffee, a game room, numerous open lounge areas, bicycle storage, showers, and quiet zones are scattered throughout the floor plan. The diverse settings for collaboration and privacy, coupled with mobile sit-stand desks and ceiling-mounted power sources distributed throughout, empower workers with autonomy and flexibility.

Wellness of tomorrow

Another important trend that continues to make waves in the A&D world: wellness. Certifications like LEED and the WELL Building Standard are not enough — designers must be deliberate in making astute observations about the space and how to best build a healthy, people-centric office. With studies that prove the psychological and physical benefits of exposure to nature, finding ways to connect to the outdoors is key.

Read full post

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Organize Your Workspace, Be More Productive

Not enough time is spent cleaning up the clutter that is your workspace. You never seem to find that one document that you urgently need or the keys to the file cabinet or your phone charger. And yet, it’s taking up huge chunks of your day!

If you’re spending a good part of your day trying to cruise through the chaos of your workplace, it’s going to show sooner or later and you’re likely to land into trouble. Our advice is to get working on cleaning it up once and for all – well, as long as you understand it’s going to need some keeping up.

Start afresh

Get rid of anything you no longer require. Things that you used to need or might require in the future should be filed separately and stored away. To effectively organize or reorganize your stuff, you need to get rid of everything that is not currently necessary.

Office Desks
Office Desks


Now that you’re rid of all that is unnecessary, it’s time to find solutions for the rest of the problems. Maybe you’ve become complacent with how things are because it’s been going on for too long. A quick and easy way to get your organizational instincts kick in is to rearrange everything to make it easier and quicker to access.

Learn to manage time

Disorganization could just be a symptom of a more common affliction – time mismanagement. One of the simplest and most effective ways to overcome this is to jot down everything you need to accomplish in a day – a to-do list – and assign each task the time it requires while making sure that you do not exceed it. Adhere to this pattern till you break the habit of miscalculating your priorities at work.

Organize digitally

The condition of your digital desktop, email and social media is a reflection of your organizational skills, or lack thereof. Remedying only one could become a hurdle in the rehabilitation of your habits. If you want to keep up the organization of your workspace, let the organization spread to other parts of your life that ask for it. Organize your digital desktop by getting rid of all that is unnecessary, much like you did with your physical desktop.

Office Furniture
Office Furniture

Get the right accessories

A big part of how you organize is what tools you use on a daily basis. A wrong filing system could breakdown your whole work ethic. Get the right filing cabinet, the right size desk (a height-adjustable or standing desk, if that suits you), an ergonomic chair and see the difference yourself. It’s alright to ask for things you need. Letting their absence hinder your work is not.

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Understanding Executive Leadership

Every team needs a leader that understands how to channel the energies of each team member and balance the motivation. But is it more important to be able to admit mistakes?

Does true success lie in the ability to change? Much too often, bosses find themselves surrounded by talent they cannot immediately handle. True leadership lies in admitting the facts and adapting to them instead of trying too hard for the wrong thing or giving up.

Here are some expert insights from RyannLofchie

Admit you suck

Lucas Mezzenga is the CEO of RBI Corporation, a distributor of outdoor equipment parts. He came into this role confident — he was sure he could shift the company’s culture mindset from a ship safe in the harbor to a ship out at sea. After all, he had a focused team, driven to grow the business despite navigating an industry rife with consolidation.

Three years in as CEO, he was stumped. The leadership team was seeing growth, but the overall culture was dark and unsustainable. As Lucas began trying to figure out the root cause, he came across an article that asked a simple, but hard, question: What is the source of your culture’s illness?

At that moment, he chillingly realized it was his own incompetence.

While Lucas pushed for growth across his team, he was doing so in a way that left little room for error. Screwing up and being vulnerable — those were signs of weakness not meant for the workplace. But, boy was he wrong. By setting unrealistic expectations, he was crushing the culture of his company.

That realization hit Lucas square in the jaw, and he finally had to admit he sucked.

What followed changed his perspective not only on leadership, it changed his way of thinking. He declared his incompetence to his team and in turn gave them permission to “suck” at their jobs, too. He began embracing mistakes; hell, he even celebrated them.

In doing so, he inspired his team to recognize the importance of contrast — that they could not truly know success without first knowing failure. This opened up a conversation amongst the team about their individual strengths, weaknesses, motivations, fears, and goals for personal growth. Suddenly, they were dealing with a newfound reality, recognizing each other as humans who were vulnerable. The conversations became more pointed and constructive, allowing the team to start supporting — and respecting — one another. This new level of response helped to create a foundation where feedback was welcome and wanted.

Admitting that we suck or are incompetent (especially as a leader) is a scary thing to do, but it’s undoubtedly the right one, and Lucas has proven it.

“There’s a powerful transformation when we consciously admit that we’re not good at something,” he said. “And adopting a mindset of embracing mistakes frees the mind from concern and fear and opens the door to curiosity and creativity. This is where great work and great fun comes from.”

Let go

As CEO of one of the most successful Midas franchises in the country, Mark Smith is taking another approach to defying the leadership myth.

Focused on growing his franchises, he fell into the all-too-common entrepreneurial rat race of scaling quickly, adding more and more people to his team to keep up. Soon, he found himself surround by a lot of talent, but no time to actually think or fully delegate appropriate tasks.

He did this for almost 15 years before he realized this wasn’t the best recipe for success. So, he took a step back and spent a considerable amount of time and energy assessing his business strategy, the talents of the people on this team, and future growth opportunities, narrowing the seemingly endless list of things he knew he needed to fix himself to what he calls “The Five”: people, customer acquisition, customer experience, community, and operations. Everything else? He coached his leadership team to handle.

He’s now had three years to think and reflect more about that time in his company’s story and how it’s affected his leadership style.

“The first few months were a struggle,” Mark said, “as old habits die hard. But now everyone on my team has a better grasp of roles and responsibilities and who owns specific outcomes.”

Since that transformational experience, his franchise’s top line has grown 23 percent and the bottom line 35 percent. His stores have the largest per unit volumes of any in the Midas system, and one of his stores is the top-grossing Midas store in the world.

It’s not just business success — Mark has made a mark (ha ha) as a CEO who cares about the community in which he lives, partnering with a local nonprofit to help feed the city’s most vulnerable populations.

He has evolved into a visionary leader, with a sky-is-the-limit attitude and a tremendous heart, and he was able to unleash this potential by not only admitting he couldn’t do it all, but by focusing on what he was uniquely qualified to do then coaching his team to step up and take the rest. Together, they’ve risen to the challenge and built an unstoppable company.

Understand the potential of a true team

The last story is mine. I had one of those humbling learning moments several years ago at a conference for CEOs, where one of the keynote speakers said something to the effect of: “You need every single person on your team to get the work done, and if you think you’re more important than any one of those people, then you are sorely mistaken.”

I knew then I was making a mistake. In my defense, my company has always been a relatively flat organization, and I’ve always greatly appreciated the contributions of all my employees. But similar to Mark’s story, I had found myself reaching a point where I believed I was the one holding it all together. I mean, they needed me to hold it all together. Right?

That keynote forced me to realize how deeply dependent we all were on the entire team, not just me. What a jerk I had been, feeling I was so important. I wasn’t. What I needed to do was get out of the way and let the amazing people I had hired do their work and shine.

By reframing the perception I had of my team and viewing them as equals — in it together and fighting for one another — we’ve not only succeeded but have soared. I, like most CEOs, very clearly do not have all the answers. In fact, there is more that goes on in my business that I don’t know about than I do. And that feels great. My team is amazing and I trust them as much as I trust myself to do an awesome job. They feel it. And together we continue to build.

Outdated executive stereotypes hold leaders back. They stifle growth, learning, vision, and teamwork — all the elements we know we need to grow amazing companies, solid teams, and enviable workplace cultures. What moves leaders forward? Confidence — not certainty — that you’re an able leader.

So, here’s your opportunity: how will you redefine leadership to get the best results for your organization? Read full post

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After Collaborative Workspaces: Taking the Next Step in Office Design

Workplaces are evolving fast. For long, open office layouts have dominated new and old businesses. But just like the high-walled cubicles of the 1980s, this trend too will have to evolve or be replaced.

There is no doubt that open offices promote collaboration and closely-knit work cultures;learning and development is in abundance and there is no isolation. This can, however, backfire if not executed well.

There’s a certain music to productivity. You may need interaction when coming up with new ideas or yearn for some privacy when tasks get more demanding. Therefore, every workplace must strive to strike a perfect balance between what employees need socially and what gets the work done.


Matthew Cooper of Woodhouse Workspace has some insights into the matter. Read on to learn more.

In a recent study, Office Genie asked 2,000 UK-based workers about their working environment. Respondents reported that the design of their workspace had by far the greatest impact on their well-being, with a well-designed office reportedly boosting feelings of happiness by 33 percent, compared to 12 percent for flexible working opportunities.

If it doesn’t come down to funky color schemes and the latest tech, then what does make an inspiring workplace which will boost productivity?

Work with your office culture

The key is to remember that a great office culture starts from the inside. A well-designed space should be created to reflect the ethos of the company as a whole, not to act as a Band-Aid to fix an ailing office culture. When your company’s values are strong, and your people are aligned with their work, then the right workspace can help make a good organization exceptional. But without clear direction and a purpose-driven design, it can fall flat on its face. It’s vital as a company that you find the right balance between your culture and creative workspaces.

Those quirky features and layouts, which might work well in the creative or tech industries, could be disastrous if installed in a company with more traditional values or even a warehouse environment. That’s not to say that modern design concepts shouldn’t be implemented, but they need to chime with your brand and your people.

So, with all this in mind, what steps should you take to turn a space into an exceptional workplace?

Creating a smarter workplace strategy

The first step in any workspace design should be to analyze how your business actually operates, and to hone in on the culture of the company. By speaking directly to employees and delving into aspects of the work day such as time spent at desks, the number and size of meetings, as well as core business objectives, it’s possible to engineer a workspace that boosts productivity, collaboration, innovation, and more.

By involving your people in the design process from the start, you stand to create a sense of ownership and belonging, which will in turn boost morale and engagement with the business as a whole. You’ll begin to create spaces which work with the needs and personality of your business, inspire your workforce, and help you retain the best people.

Ensure your space actually meets the needs of your employees

With the rise of open plan offices, increasingly the tide is turning and people are asking for access to quieter areas where they can focus. Creating a space which encourages your employees to engage with the business as a whole is a balancing act. The needs of the end user need to be at the fore throughout the process, too. For many, the solution is to remove the ‘80s-style cubicles, and to introduce different areas to meet the different needs of employees throughout the working week. At Fast Company, for example, they have introduced an open plan office, but with library style partitions between certain areas to give the sense of privacy too.

With all of this in mind, it’s important to remember that as your business grows, your workspace will need to grow, too. It’s vital you work from the outset to ensure your culture remains uncompromised and that you constantly ask the question: “What is the end goal?”

When a workspace grows in a way that is aligned with your company, bridging the gap between architecture, interior design, and employee engagement, it will become a truly exceptional workspace. Read full post

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