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New Office Furniture

Once you have found the perfect location for your new business, now is the time to decorate with new office furniture. The place to do that in central Florida is Vision Office Interiors. We have been the premier choice for office furniture in Orlando for dozens of companies and corporations, businesses and industries, because of the wide range of new office furniture that we provide. We have a full range of desks and component piecesthat go with them, from credenzas to drafting tables. We also have a full assortment of office chairs in a variety of styles so that you can have the look you are going for. Conference and Waiting Room Furniture Our new office furniture collection includes conference tables of every size with chairs of every style to go with them. We also offer several different styles of furniture for your waiting room so your customer’s first impression will be one of success and comfort, as well as employee lounge furniture, allowing your staff the chance to relax, refuel and recharge. Office Accessories There is more to new office furniture than just chairs, desks and tables. At Vision Office Interiors, we have everything else you could think of, including file cabinets, dry erase boards, bookcases, end tables and so much more. Make your work environment complete with our full range of office furniture accessories. Special Orders We pride ourselves on having the largest selection, in store and online, of office furniture in Orlando, but if it so happens the piece you want is not in our collection, not to worry. We can arrange for special orders of new office furniture from almost anywhere around the globe. Discount Prices We are number one because our price matches our performance. We will not be undersold and will work with every customer and any budget to get you the discount prices you deserve.