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Used Benches and Stools

Benches and stools, however neglected, are one of the most crucial parts of a good office layout

Benches can be some of the most versatile pieces of furniture in any setting. While essentially meant to act as extra seating, benches serve an aesthetic purpose as well. It’s hard to make a good bench or stool look misplaced in any layout or ambience

It is this versatility in style and function that make benches and stools one of our favorite customizable office furniture items – storage benches double as nifty, additional storage spaces, chest benches are favorably apt for hiding all the unorganize-able clutter that you, for some reasons, are unable to throw away, accent benches can be used to bring out the best in color of design of the office layout, vanity stools can be placed strategically to provide a much needed extra seating for individuals

Lounge benches can even replace sofas – providing comfortable seating without taking up a lot of space. This is especially useful for offices with not enough room to place everything where desried

Leather, cloth, wood, metal – however you like your benches, at Vision Office Interiors, we have the right piece at the right price. Browse through our immense collection