Build Your Own Custom Ergonomic Chair

We spend a significant portion of our life in our office sitting on chairs. This sedentary lifestyle can sometimes take a toll on your health. The unfriendly workspace can cause a risk for various serious health concern including back pain, survical problem and much more. Need Proof?


According to a cross-sectional study published in NCBI “ Low back pain (LBP) is common among office workers and is the most common cause of work-related disability in people under 45 years of age.”

So, it is important to revamp your office furniture to make your workspace more pleasant and comfortable. The friendly workspace can not only keep us healthy but it also boosts our productivity. Always considered the environment-friendly quality of office furniture while redesigning or choosing the furniture for the office. So, to optimize your workspace, you can also add ergonomic chairs to your office furniture requirement list.

It is being considered that ergonomic chairs are very expensive, but nowadays buying your own custom ergonomic chairs without plop down a lot of money is no more a big deal. Vision Office Interiors help us to acquire the world’s finest quality office furniture.

Exevutive Chair Back Support

Several features are included in ergonomic chairs that ensure complete comfort and health benefit to the users. So, in today’s blog, we’ll break down few important considerations to keep in mind while buying a custom ergonomic chair.

Lumbar Support

The lower back area is naturally curved inwards, so, the back of the custom ergonomic chair are designed in a such a way that it come forward to support your lower back. Proper Lumbar back support keeps your ears, shoulders, and hips in alignment and maintained the lower spine. So, always prefer office chairs that have strong lumbar support.

Arm Rest

While buying an office chair, one should also think about arm rest in order to conduct office work in the more comfortable position. The chair with an arm rest will relax your arms and shoulder which in turn did not cause any back related problem and prevent strains between neck and shoulder as well.

Comfortable Cushion

While building or purchasing customized ergonomic chairs for office, make sure that chair should be a comfortable place to sit. Always go for comfortable cushion seat, so that one can work seamlessly for long hours. According to office designer experts “Breathable Fabric” is also the best option to go for.

Exevutive Chair

Adjustable Seat Height

Always look for those ergonomic chairs that can be easily adjusted. The adjustable chair can allow you to adjust your chair’s backrest not only in up and down but its angles as well. This feature of an ergonomic chair will maintain body posture and keep you away from all back-related health issues.

Ability To Roll Around

While purchasing chairs for your office, always look for those chairs that have the ability to roll or tilt around freely. This will allow free movement of the chair and will help you reach your desk without turning or twisting and putting a strain on your body.

There are various considerations, but here we have mentioned few elemental considerations that you need to keep in your mind while buying new or used ergonomic chairs. These aforementioned points will help you to create a comfortable, healthy and a productive workplace.

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